Fire Fuels Program

Thank you to all for making the chipping program a success for the past seven+ years.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that are helpful to those living and owning property in the Big Bear area.  If you have further questions see or call us at (909) 878-3090.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to replace my wood shake/shingle roof?

The City of Big Bear Lake Ordinance 2008-383 mandated the replacement of all wood shake/shingle roofs by 2012.  In the unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County, the shake roofs were required to be removed by July 2016.  Visit for downloads of the actual ordinances.

Do I need a tree removal permit?  FOR BIG BEAR LAKE RESIDENTS ONLY!

A tree removal permit is required pursuant to Ordinance No. 2002-325, Section 9.1, ("Tree Conservation Ordinance").  The permit must be obtained if there is no construction or development proposed involving other plan reviews, permits, or approvals.  If a property owner desires to remove one or more trees six (6) inches or greater in diameter at breast height (DBH), you must obtain a permit.  You can download the Tree Removal Permit Application below.

Do you provide Insurance Company Inspections?

Yes, we conduct inspections for homeowners to comply with defensible space requirements.  These inspections help homeowners maintain their existing policies with their insurance companies.  For more information about the inspection program call us at (909) 866-4668.