Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a program that is designed to train members of the community as emergency service volunteers. Once trained, CERT volunteers respond to disaster situations by fanning out within their neighborhood extinguishing small fires, turning off natural gas inlets to damaged homes, performing light search and rescue, and administering basic first aid.

Since the CERT program started in 1998, there have been over 300 class graduates. Area Representatives and Team Leaders have been established throughout the Big Bear Valley. More participation is still needed. As many residents know, the Big Bear Valley has suffered several disastrous situations in past years: including fires, flooding, windstorms, and earthquakes. It is not a matter of if another disaster situation will occur, but when. Your local fire agencies want everyone to be prepared and well trained. When disaster strikes, fire services can be consumed with major emergencies. CERT members are trained to handle crisis within their area until help can arrive. On-going training is provided to CERT members on a regular basis, they have become a very important element in the disaster preparedness plans of Big Bear Valley.

The CERT program is a series of five courses, four hours each, providing hands-on training in such topics as Emergency Preparedness, Medical Aids, Fire Suppression Techniques, Light Search and Rescue, and Communications/Team Building Skills. These classes are open to all residents within the Big Bear Valley. Classes are held as needed. Reservations are required to attend (909) 866-7566.