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Established in 1990 in association with the Boy Scouts of America, the Big Bear City Fire Department developed Explorer Post #232. The Big Bear City Fire Explorer Post is a youth oriented program directed at helping young adults who have an interest in the fire service.

Fire explorers learn fire fighting skills including hose lay evolutions, ladder techniques, salvage operations, wildland fire fighting procedures, proper use of fire fighting tools and equipment, breathing apparatus, basic first aid, patient vital sign assessment and other related subjects. After explorers meet certain training requirements, they have the opportunity to apply skills they have learned through the fire department's Ride Along Program. During a ride along, an explorer can work side by side with fire fighters, respond to actual fires and emergencies, and get hands on "real world" experience.

Explorers learn how hard work, discipline, and a structured work environment in the fire service promotes safety and teamwork toward successfully completing a common objective. Explorers will also gain a sense of pride in serving the community. Parents will witness the positive outcome by having their youth enroll in this valuable program.

Many of our Fire Explorers have gone on to successful fire service careers with fire departments throughout the nation, many of them right here in Big Bear. 

In addition to our regular training, each year, our Explorers participate in the Inland Empire Fire Explorer Association (IEFEA) Academy. The IEFEA Academy is held each year in the fall and focuses its training on a specific discipline within the fire service. Participants earn California State Certifications in the topic covered. Whether it is Auto Extrication, Haz-Mat, or Structural Fire Fighting, Explorers earn the same Certifications that are held by Professional Fire Fighters. What a great head start for teens that are aiming for a fire service career!

Youths between the ages of 14 and 20 years old, who maintain a 2.0 grade point average, are eligible to participate. Bear City Fire Explorers meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Print and fill out the application below to join and bring it to the Big Bear Fire Station located at 301 W. Big Bear Blvd. in Big Bear City on a Wednesday meeting night.


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